Selecting a Category

Projects can be entered in one of the following seven categories: Renovation Under $10 Million, Renovation Over $10 Million, New Construction Under $10 Million, New Construction $10-30 Million, New Construction Over $30 Million, Specialty, Transportation, and Industrial/Heavy.

The Build Ohio categories are loosely defined to allow AGC of Ohio to be fair and flexible. Some projects may meet the requirements for more than one category.

For example, a company could enter a new industrial building in the New Construction or Industrial/Heavy category since it meets both categories’ criteria. A specialty contractor may choose to enter a project in the Renovation category as opposed to the Specialty category.  

Every year, companies have questions about how to best prepare their Build Ohio entry. The following links describe the entire process, and give some useful tips to keep in mind while putting together your entry.

Project Criteria

How Winning Projects are Selected

The Build Ohio Project Story

Market Your Build Ohio Entry

Frequently Asked Questions

To determine in which category a project should be entered, first consider what type of project it is:

New Construction: Traditional building projects such as office buildings, hospitals, schools, libraries, museums, multi-family housing, etc.

Renovation: Restoration to part of or an entire traditional building.

Specialty: Company served as a specialty contractor on project (prime or sub).

Industrial/Heavy: Renovation or new construction of: Industrial, Heavy, Environmental or Municipal & Utilities.

  • Industrial construction covers industrial plants, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and industrial cleanup.
  • Heavy projects involve heavy equipment and machinery (such as machine press foundations), restoring equipment and machinery, any type of marine construction or dredging projects for waterways, flood control and prevention projects, etc.
  • Municipal & Utilities deal with water and waste water, underground utilities, site preparation, and other types of public works construction.
  • Environmental projects involve environmental remediation, industrial cleanup, construction waste reuse and recycling, illegal dumping clean-up, etc.
Transportation: Renovation or new construction of: highways, lane expansions, bridges, rail, etc.

(If you are unsure about which category your project should be entered in, contact the AGC of Ohio office for assistance.)

NOTE:  The Build Ohio judges have the final say in what category a project is entered, and they will move a project to another category, with approval of entrant, if it is in the best interest of the project. Each project is judged according to the criteria of the category in which it is entered (i.e. Specialty contractors entering projects in the Renovation category will be judged according to the Renovation criteria, not the Specialty category criteria.)

What if our company has more than one project that it wants to enter in the same category?

Companies may enter up to two projects per category. If a company with multiple offices in Ohio has separate offices that want to enter in the same category, each office may submit two projects in the same category. For example, XYZ Construction Co.’s Cleveland and Cincinnati offices may each submit two projects in the Renovation Category.

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