Ohio's Construction Project Delivery Systems

Since the changes incorporated in the Construction Reform legislation went into effect four years ago, there have been many questions from Ohio’s public owners and contractors concerning applicability—selecting the appropriate delivery system, owner and contractor responsibilities, proper procedures, etc. Oftentimes, answers to the questions can be difficult to find in lengthy contract documents and hundreds of pages of codes and rules.

To help simplify and clarify the process, AGC of Ohio created a quick-reference guide. The Ohio Guide to Construction Project Delivery Systems provides a brief overview of each project delivery system available for public building construction — the defining characteristics, basic responsibilities, and pros and cons.

AGC of Ohio has taken great strides to share the Guide with public owners covered by Ohio’s public construction laws. It is also available to AGC of Ohio members free of charge. To order copies, contact Glenna Keys at or (614) 486-6446.

Additional information, including important contract documents, can be
found at the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC) website.

Construction Reform Resources

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