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The written submission, or "Project Story," is your best opportunity to show how your project meets (and surpasses) the Build Ohio criteria. Often times, it can make or break a project’s chance of winning. Build Ohio judges can only see so much by viewing pictures and reading bullet points on the project boards. The project story provides an in depth look at the entire project and describes why it should receive a Build Ohio award. 

WHERE TO BEGIN: Think back to the project’s inception and gather information from estimating through completion. List the important aspects of the project that should be conveyed, as well as any additional details that might help illustrate the project such as safety records, partnering, unusual conditions or circumstances, innovations, honors, etc.

GET HELP: Do not obtain all of the information for the written submission from one person. Try to involve as many people as possible: project managers, superintendents, foremen, crew chiefs, safety personnel, subcontractors, owners, engineers, architects, etc. They may provide new input and viewpoints. It is easier to get started with more information than not enough. If there is not enough time to talk to everyone individually, have them fill out a questionnaire.

Every year, companies have questions about how to best prepare their Build Ohio entry. The following links describe the entire process, and give some useful tips to keep in mind while putting together your entry.

Selecting a Category

Project Criteria

How Winning Projects are Selected

Market Your Build Ohio Entry

Frequently Asked Questions
ORGANIZE: Take all of the information about the project you gathered and organize it. What information addresses which criteria? What is pertinent, what is not? Create an outline from that information and begin writing. Make certain that your project story is easy to follow, and clearly defines how the project addresses each criterion.

ADDRESS ALL OF THE CRITERIA: Every Build Ohio category has a certain set of criteria, and winning projects are determined by how well they meet the criteria. The biggest mistake you can make is to neglect certain criteria. The criteria cannot be defined easily, and certain aspects of a job can fall under more than one criterion. The same aspect of a job can cover different criteria, but be careful to tell the story in a manner that is easy to follow.

PROVE YOUR POINT: Provide as many reasons/examples as possible in the text of how the project meets each criterion for its category. The more information that you give in your project story, the more the Build Ohio judges learn about your project and the challenges/difficulties with it.

EXPLAIN DETAILS: Provide examples and details to illustrate a point. For example, it is easy to say, "Cement masons worked a lot of overtime to complete the project on time." But how much information does that provide? This sentence tells a lot more: "Two shifts of cement masons worked around the clock, averaging 10-hour days, six days a week in the last month to complete the job on time."

KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE: Be aware that the Build Ohio judges are retired construction professionals and write the story accordingly. They want to hear about the construction processes and the challenges relating to the project.

STORY REQUIREMENTS: The project story is not to exceed 2,500 words. Text should be at least 1.5 line spaced. Please do not bind the project story. AGC just removes the pages and places them in a separate binder for the judges. If you want the judges to see color copies of your project story, provide 12 color copies for the binder. AGC does not make color copies. 

PHOTOS: The size and number of photos inserted within the text is up to you, as long as all the photos would be able to fit on two pages. However, the photos are separate from and in addition to the photos included on the display board.  Please send high resolutions graphics.

For more information and to receive a copy of past winning submissions, contact Parker Brown at (614) 486-6446 or

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