AGC of Ohio Leadership

AGC of Ohio Executive Committee

Steve Klinker, Dugan & Meyers

1st Vice President
Ray Benjamin, The Lathrop Company

Mark Muter, Settle Muter

Immediate Past President
Tom Muraski, Dugan & Meyers

Richard Hobbs, AGC of Ohio

As we look back on the growth of AGC of Ohio, it becomes very clear:
We are “Quality People” and we build “Quality Projects”.


Tom Agresta, Eclipse Co., LLC
Joe Beischel, R. J. Beischel Building Co.
Josh Corna, Corna Kokosing
Joe DeSalvo, DeSalvo Construction
Joe DiGeronimo, Precision Environmental
Andy Goetz, Shook Construction Co.
Brian Geffe, Mosser Construction
Chris Halapy, Shook Construction Co.
Greg Herrin, Messer Construction
Grant Hesser, PDSC Corp.
Arthur Lindrose, The Bolton Pratt Co.
Chuck Moyer, Mosser Construction, Inc.
Phil Neumann, Universal Contracting Corp.
Brady Oaks, Infinity Construction
Kyle Rooney, Turner Construction
Jeff Schaller, Rudolph Libbe
Jim Smith, Elford, Inc.
Brent Stechschulte, Tuttle Construction
Paul Supelak, The The Ruhlin Co.
Rob Verst, Messer Construction


Akron Division Aaron Hall
Central Ohio Division Richard Hobbs
Cincinnati Division Terry Phillips
Cleveland Division Tim Linville
Northwest Ohio Division Joshua Hughes
West Central Ohio Division Randy Fox
Youngstown Division Kevin Reilly


Brent Stechschulte, Tuttle Construction BUILD OHIO
Ray Benjamin, The Lathrop Company LEGISLATIVE
Tim Galvin, Brexton Construction
Jeff Schaller, Rudolph Libbe POLITICAL ACTION
Steve Klinker, Dugan & Meyers LLC PROJECT DELIVERY SYSTEMS
Grant Hesser, PDSC Corp. SAFETY
William Powell, III, Donley’s, Inc.

Past AGC of Ohio Presidents

1970 – T.C. Fitzpatrick, Elford, Inc.
1971 – E. Grant Hesser, Chas. V. Maescher & Co., Inc.
1972 – William A. Ferris, Ferris Construction
1973 – Lavon Detwiler, Knowlton
1974 – Francis R. Dugan, Dugan & Meyer Interests, Inc.
1975 – B.L. Parker, McKinnon Parker
1976 – Loran Poff, Messer Construction Co.
1977 – Albert L. Culbertson, Dunbar
1978 – Frederick W. Rudolph, Rudolph/Libbe, Inc.
1979 – Howard F. Miller, Carmichael Construction
1980 – John C. Gibson, Sr., Jack Gibson Construction Co.
1981 – R. Kenneth Smith, Danis Building Construction Co.
1982 – Thomas A. Kerr, Industrial Construction Co., Inc.
1983 – Charles E. Fry, Fry Construction
1984 – James E. Neumann, Universal Contracting Corp.
1985 – Charles Ruhlin, The Ruhlin Co.
1986 – Mel Lazerick, Cleveland Trinidad Paving Co.
1987 – Ralph F. Setterlin, Jr., Setterlin Construction Co.
1988 – Alfred C. Berndsen, Messer Construction Co.
1989 – James E. Walsh, Miller-Valentine Construction
1990 – Kurt Schmitt, Lincoln Construction, Inc.
1991 – Anthony M. Panzica, Panzica Construction Co.
1992 – Vincent M. Corrado, Shook Construction
1993 – Robert D. Seeger, Rudolph/Libbe, Inc.
1994 – Peter S. Strange, Messer Construction Co.

1995 – Richard T. Lombardi, Turner Construction Co.
1996 – Robert H. Moyer, Mosser Construction, Inc.
1997 – Ron Cochran, Kokosing Construction Co., Inc.
1998 – Clyde Rauch, Tuttle Construction, Inc.
1999 – J.D. Flaherty, Jr., Construction Systems, Inc.
2000 – John Arsena, Acme Arsena
2001 – Dennis Phillips, Baker Concrete Construction Co.
2002 – Mark Corna, Corna Kokosing Construction Co.
2003 – William Whistler, Shook Building Group
2004 – William Bostleman, Bostleman Corp.
2005 – James Fenske, The Knoch Corp.
2006 – Gary Haas, Rudolph/Libbe, Inc.
2007 – Tim Galvin, Brexton Construction
2008 – Charles Izzo, Infinity Construction
2009 – Don Dreier, Donley’s, Inc.
2010 – Joe Kovalseki, The Lathrop Co.
2011 – Michael Deiwert, The Ruhlin Co.
2012 – Tim Beischel, R.J. Beischel Building Co.
2013 – Paul Crow, Tuttle Construction, Inc.
2014 – Ed Sellers, OCP Contractors
2015 – Robert Setterlin, Setterlin Building Co.
2016 – Michael Jirele, Lincoln Construction, Inc.
2017 – Mark Muter, Settle Muter Electric, Ltd.
2018 – Mark Panzica, Panzica Construction
2019 – Tom Muraski, Kokosing Industrial, Inc.
2020 – Steve Klinker, Dugan & Meyers