Lt. Governor Husted provided the following information for determining if business is considered essential during this week’s Coronavirus press conferences:

  • Read the order and use your own good judgement based on the plain reading of the order
  • Companies do not need any state certification nor official clearance of any kind
  • Companies are recommended to create a document with their rationale justifying their continued operations based on the order
  • Follow the safe workplace guidelines in the order (item #18); companies that do not follow it could be subject to closure if they do not follow them even if it is considered essential
  • Local police and health departments enforce the order; violations constitute a 2nd degree misdemeanor
  • Do not call your local health departments, police departments nor Ohio Department of Health’s Coronavirus phone number/hotline to have them interpret the document for you; local health departments and police departments are not responsible for interpreting the document, but are responsible for enforcing it

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