Aims & Purposes

Our “purposes and aims,” as stated in the Associated General Contractors of Ohio bylaws,
are as applicable to the association today as they were over forty-five years ago.

  • Reliability to make membership in the Association a reasonable assurance to the public of the Skill, Integrity and Responsibility of its members.
  • High Standards to maintain the highest standards of business conduct in the contracting business and to establish members of the Association in the public mind as contractors who fulfill their obligations in good faith.
  • Honorable Dealings to provide methods and means whereby members may avail themselves of the greater power of combined effort through the dealings with the public, which they serve.
  • Fair Practices to seek correction of the injurious, discriminating or unfair business methods practiced by or against contractors.  
  • Efficiency and Research to encourage economy and efficiency in construction, thereby eliminating waste and reducing construction costs through research and through cooperation with other groups carrying on research in construction methods and materials.
  • Risk Parity to place the business risks assumed by contractors as nearly as possible on a parity of the risks assumed by firms in other production industries.
  • Cooperative Relations to promote cordial and cooperative relations between contractors and other groups within the construction industry.
  • Labor Relations to foster and promote just and equitable labor relations.
  • Accident Prevention to promote safe construction operations for the protection of construction workmen and the general public by means of education, accident prevention measures and cooperation with insurance companies and government agencies concerned with construction safety.
  • Standard Contract Provisions in cooperation with the Ohio AIA and others, to develop fair and equitable contract forms and documents so that the respective interests of owners, architects, contractors, other segments of the industry, and the public may be properly protected.
  • Record and Exchange Information to provide for the exchange of information on regulations at the federal, state, and local levels and for the accumulation and distribution of statistics on such matters as volume of construction, labor supply, wage rates, etc.
  • Legislative Activity to advocate, foster and promote construction legislation which shall favor the highest aims and purposes of contractors and which shall be in the public interest, and to keep members informed on legislation of interest to the construction industry.
  • Public Relations to conduct a sound public relations program stressing the role of efficient and economical construction by responsible contractors in the national, state and local economies.

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