How Winning Projects are Selected

A panel of retired construction professionals that are far removed from current AGC of Ohio activities and association politics serve as Build Ohio judges.

Each AGC of Ohio division (Akron, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Central Ohio-Columbus, Northwest Ohio-Toledo, West Central Ohio-Dayton, and Youngstown) selects two people to serve as Build Ohio judges.  

The judges examine each project according to how it meets the criteria in its category. Each individual criterion in a category is allotted a certain number of points.

The criteria and points are as follows: 

Renovation, Industrial/Heavy, New Construction, Transportation: 

  • Excellence in Client Service - 30 points
  • Meeting the Challenge of a Difficult Job - 30 points
  • Innovation in Construction Techniques or Materials - 20 points
  • Excellence in Project Management - 20 points

Specialty Category:

    • Excellence in Client Service - 20 points
    • Meeting the Challenge of a Difficult Job - 20 points
    • Innovation in Construction Techniques or Materials - 20 points
    • Performance as It Relates to Schedule - 20 points
    • Craftsmanship - 20 points

All Build Ohio judges receive a binder containing the submitted 2,500-word written description of each entry and judging sheets. The judges are asked to review each submission, independent of the other judges, and determine each project’s preliminary score.

After the binders have been reviewed, the judges are brought together at the AGC office in Columbus. There, each judge individually reviews the project boards, and adjusts his scores accordingly. The judges then meet as a group to discuss their individual findings, and adjust their individual scores based on any new information uncovered in the group discussion.

To ascertain the total score for a project, the highest and lowest judges’ scores are removed, and the median is taken from the remainder of the scores. The project with the highest average in its category wins the Build Ohio award for that category. One award is provided in each category however in the case of a tie, two awards in the category will be presented.

Build Ohio winners will be announced for the first time during the annual Build Ohio awards dinner and presentation. No companies will be notified before the winners are announced that evening.

Every year, companies have questions about how to best prepare their Build Ohio entry. The following links describe the entire process, and give some useful tips to keep in mind while putting together your entry.

Selecting a Category

Project Criteria

The Build Ohio Project Story

Market Your Build Ohio Entry

Frequently Asked Questions


Thank you judges of Build Ohio for all your work!

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