Protecting contractors' interests during the regulatory process is an important part of AGC's government relations program. AGC of Ohio advocates on state rules, and AGC of America on federal ones. AGC educates members about the regulations and policies that impact their businesses and the construction industry.

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Common Sense Initiative (CSI): Requires state agencies, when developing or reviewing their business regulations, to seek input from interested parties early in the process and to balance the goals of the regulation with the costs for businesses to comply.

Regulatory Reform E-Notification System: Register for email alerts when one or more rules in a given category becomes open for review.

Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR): Reviews proposed new, amended, and rescinded rules to ensure they do not exceed their rule-making authority. JCARR could make a recommendation to invalidate the rule if the rule: exceeds the agency's statutory authority; conflicts with an existing rule of that agency or another state agency; conflicts with legislative intent; has an inaccurate rule summary and fiscal analysis; does not meet the incorporation by reference standards for a text or other material as required by the Ohio Revised Code; or has an adverse impact on business and the regulatory intent does not justify its adverse impact.

Ohio Administrative Code: Contains all Ohio regulations passed and filed.



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Ohio Inspector General 
Report on EDGE, Feb 2019

EDGE Certification & Graduation Info 

AGC of America Federal Regulatory Tracker

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