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Find Out the States Where Construction is Essential: ConstructConnect interactive map on where construction has been deemed essential, and allowed to proceed, and where restrictions have been put in place limiting the types of construction activities that can move forward.


Environmental Resources

Plasma Donation

July 10, 2020

Lt. Governor Husted encouraged Ohioans who have been fully recovered from COVID-19 for at least two weeks to consider donating plasma.  “Convalescent plasma, which is plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients, is rich in antibodies that could possibly attack the virus that causes COVID-19,” said Lt. Governor Husted. “Although the treatment of COVID-19 patients with convalescent…

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Cintas Disposable Gloves and Wipes

June 30, 2020

Disposable gloves and antibacterial wipes are essential for many businesses throughout North America. Trust that while supply varies and is unpredictable you can count on Cintas to have disposable gloves and wipes available for quick delivery and supply to help keep your employees safe and your business open. Bulk orders of disposable nitrile, synthetic gloves…

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May 5, 2020

To assist businesses, building owners, and others reopening buildings that have been closed, the Ohio Department of Health and Ohio EPA issued recommendations for water supply flushing and guidance for plumbing water service restoration: Recommendations for Water Supply Flushing for Reopening of Buildings Under Statewide COVID-19 Transition Plan; and Guidance for Premise Plumbing Water Service…

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April 26, 2020

This map is updated daily: see this link for the latest Ohio coronavirus maps.

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AGC Partner Update: Bulk Order Hand Sanitizer and Face Shields Available

April 9, 2020

The Cintas AGC Discount Program provides Uniform & Facility Services Rental and National First Aid & Safety Services to any location that choose to participate at pricing which reflects Associated General Contractors of America’s nationwide buying power. With 10,000 trucks across North America, Cintas has the resources to help keep your business clean and safe with hygiene…

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