Robert Moyer Pinnacle Award 2006

We thank Bob Moyer for his years of service and dedication to the construction industry and the Associated General Contractors, and recognize him with the first ever TITLE OF AWARD.

During the 2006 Build Ohio Celebration, AGC of Ohio surprised Bob Moyer with the association's first Pinnacle Award for Lifetime Achievement. AGC of Ohio Immediate Past President Jim Fenske of The Knoch Corp., one of the driving forces behind the award, addressed the audience about the award, its significance, and the type of person it is designed to honor.

The following is an excerpt of his speech.
For those of you who don't know me, I'm Jim Fenske, last year's (2005) AGC of Ohio's President. Currently I serve as a member of the Executive Committee. Last year, the Executive Committee decided that this organization needed to create an award to honor those who have demonstrated leadership above and beyond the call. For individuals who continue to serve and participate long after they have "gone through" the chairs of the AGC of Ohio Leadership ranks. Quietly disappearing is not something we advocate or encourage.

While we urge and applaud continued participation by our industry leaders, it is and has been difficult many times for people to maintain the energy and commitment to continue. This is one of the major reasons we have created this award.

Tonight, on a night that we honor excellence, I appear before you to present the first ever Pinnacle Award for Lifetime Achievement. Ohio State's legendary Coach Woody Hayes used to say, "You Win With People!" I think we can all agree with that, but I'd like to add to it. You not only win with people, you grow with them, you create with them and you succeed with them.

After all, where would the construction industry or an organization like AGC be without good solid people? Without the outstanding contributions of so many of its members, we would be like a ship without a rudder or a building without a foundation.The Executive Committee chose to recognize that fundamental truth by honoring those among us who truly represent the spirit of our building trade and the goals of AGC.

The Pinnacle Award stands for the top--the peak that one may achieve, and Lifetime Achievement speaks for itself. Skill, Integrity and Responsibility is the motto that all AGC contractors try to adhere to. Our award winner displays all of these important traits on a daily basis. We will be honoring a person who in turn, has honored this industry and the AGC by his continued commitment years after his direct leadership role has diminished.

A person who still participates actively in state Board Meetings, Committees, state Conventions and of course, Build Ohio. This honoree also displays great participation in community services, as greatness is also measured by willingness to help others.

So rare are such individuals that we will be presenting this award only in years when we feel someone qualifies and truly deserves this great honor. The bar that this person has set is indeed very high. I might also add that tonight's first ever winner knows nothing of the proceedings, or this great honor he is about to receive.

So, in the words of Coach Woody Hayes -"You Win with People" - and this evening we are all winners, because of our association with tonight's honoree.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please join me in congratulating the recipient of the AGC of Ohio's first ever "Pinnacle Award" for Lifetime Achievement, Mr. Robert H. Moyer.

Robert Moyer accepting the Pinnacle Award for Lifetime Achievement

Bob Moyer's role in AGC of Ohio (2006)

  • Joined the AGC of Ohio Board in 1991
  • Was AGC of Ohio president in 1996
  • Served on numerous AGC of Ohio committees
  • Regularly participates in AGC activities/events, such as the conventions, Build Ohio, programs, etc.
  • Currently serves on Legislative and Project Delivery committees for AGC of Ohio
  • Served on AGC of America committees
  • Was a National Director (AGC of America)
  • Past president and board member of AGC of Northwest Ohio

Mr. Moyer was born in Fremont, Ohio, graduated from St. Joseph High School in 1946 and served two years in the US Navy.  Bob began his construction career after receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Detroit, as a Project Engineer on the construction of a section of the Ohio Turnpike.  Upon its completion in 1955, he was hired by Mosser Construction and has worked there ever since.

Mr. Moyer was promoted to Vice President in charge of the Heavy Highway Division in 1964, Senior Vice President/Treasurer in 1972, Executive Vice President in 1985, and President in 1988.  In 1994, he accepted the position of Chairman of the Board for The Mosser Group, the parent company of Mosser Construction, Telamon Construction, Contractors Equipment and WMOG Investment.

Robert H. Moyer, P.E., Chairman of the Board, provides vision and leadership to The Mosser Group. Firmly believing the company should belong to the employees, Mr. Moyer was instrumental in establishing an Employee Stock Ownership Program in 1985. Thanks to his vision, today employees own 100% of the company.

Always giving back to the industry and community, Mr. Moyer has held numerous construction-related leadership positions including President and Board Member of the Associated General Contractors (AGC) of Ohio; Committee Member for AGC of America; and President and Board Member of the AGC of Northwest Ohio.

Additionally, Mr. Moyer has been active in several committee positions with the Ohio Contractors Association. His work within the community has spanned from service on his church council and the Catholic Education Development Fund to being a member of the Board of Directors for several organizations including the YMCA, Chamber of Commerce, Croghan Colonial Bank and Chemi-Trol Chemical Company.

Mr. Moyer is currently a Trustee for the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center.  In 1999, Mr. Moyer received the prestigious “Entrepreneur of the Year” award presented by Ernst & Young.

Mosser Construction is the only construction company in Ohio to receive both of the highest honors given by the AGC of America; the “Excellence in Partnering” award and the “Build America” award.  Mosser has also received the “Build Ohio Award” from the AGC of Ohio and the Ohio Contractors Association “Move Ohio Award” multiple times.

Mosser Construction was established in 1948 as a small masonry business.  In the early 1970’s it was sold to a company that filed for bankruptcy three years later.  It was then that Bob Moyer and three others risked all they had to acquire the business and save 400 local jobs.