COVID Vaccination Information

Many AGC members have had questions about Ohio’s COVID vaccination plan. Please find below some highlights of the plan and general resources.

View Ohio’s vaccination plan at COVID-19 Vaccination Program (  The site contains the state’s phased approach (note that the plan includes four phases, but only a portion of the first phase – through 1b—has been released to date), FAQs, provider information, etc. The plan’s first phase highlights the DeWine Administration’s top priorities for initial vaccine distribution: front line workers (healthcare), saving lives by helping those highest at risk (age, health conditions), and getting kids back to school (teachers’ vaccinations). The bottom of this email contains info about who's eligible over the next four weeks.

On Thursday the Ohio Department of Health launched a tool to assist residents looking for a provider that has been allotted vaccines: Coronavirus Vaccine | Ohio Department of Health. It is searchable by zip code or county, but it will not be updated in real-time. Those eligible to receive a vaccine should consult local resources to determine up-to-date vaccine availability. The Ohio Department of Health is in the process of developing a state vaccination scheduling system, and additional information will be forthcoming.

County health departments are currently managing their area’s vaccine allotment, and their websites should contain additional information about local vaccine administration. Each week the Ohio Department of Health receives information from the federal government on Ohio's vaccine allotment for the upcoming week. That information is communicated to local health departments, and they, in partnership with their local emergency management agency and vaccine providers, will communicate vaccine distribution plans with the media and the public. Based on the timing the state receives the allotment info, the local announcements will most likely take place the Wednesday or Thursday before the week’s distribution.

The program is a work in progress, and vaccine supplies are limited. Due to the vaccine’s scarcity, enough is available to cover only a fraction of those currently eligible. The DeWine Administration has indicated the phased dates and overall plan may need to be modified based on availability and lessons learned during this unprecedented time.

At this point, no determination has been made about where the construction industry will lie in Ohio’s phased program. The CDC schedule has essential workforces like construction at 1C. Ultimately individual states make their own priorities, and most states have also put construction at 1C. During his last press conference Governor DeWine said a final decision has not yet been made essential workers’ vaccinations and/or prioritizations of different industries.

The state will notify the public of those eligible for vaccinations in a myriad of ways: its Coronavirus website, press conferences, media outlets, local health departments, etc. Public agencies like the Ohio BWC will also be involved with notifying employers, particularly when essential workers become eligible. AGC will also keep you apprised as more information is available.

Other helpful resources:

  • AGC of America webinar on what employers need to know about vaccination policies; (note: union contractors should be mindful of the duty to bargain over a vaccination mandate)
  • EEOC issued guidance
  • CDC vaccine information

Ohio’s weekly plan over the next four weeks:

  • Week of Jan. 18: Vaccine providers will begin receiving their first allotment of vaccines for those ages 80 and older. Vaccines will be delivered on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Each provider will begin administering vaccines the day after they receive their shipment. All vaccines must be distributed within seven days.
  • Week of January 25: Vaccinations are anticipated to begin for those ages 75 and up following the same process outlined above. Vaccinations will also be available to those with severe congenital, developmental, or early-onset medical disorders. Additional information on how these individuals can choose to receive their vaccines is forthcoming.
  • Week of Feb 1: Vaccinations are anticipated to begin for those ages 70 and up following the same process outlined above.
  • Week of Feb 8: Vaccinations are anticipated to begin for those ages 65 and up following the same process outlined above.