2023 Build Ohio Award Winners


NOVEMBER 13, 2023 - COLUMBUS, OH:  The Associated General Contractors of Ohio recognized seven contractors for excellence in construction with Build Ohio Awards during the association’s 31st annual Build Ohio Celebration.

Those receiving top honors include:

  • Mosser Construction, Inc. (Fremont) –Kelleys Island Glacial Grooves Erosion Protection (Erie County, Ohio), Specialty Category Under $15 Million
  • Valley Interior Systems (Cincinnati) – Cincinnati Playhouse in The Park (Cincinnati, Ohio), Specialty Category Under $15 Million
  • OCP Contractors (Cleveland) – MetroHealth Glick Center (Cleveland, Ohio), Specialty Category Over $15 Million
  • The Krill Co., Inc. (Cleveland) - MAGNET: The Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network Headquarters (Cleveland, Ohio), Renovation Category
  • Rudolph Libbe Inc. (Walbridge) – First Solar PGT-03 Project (Lake Township, Ohio), Industrial Heavy Category
  • Shook Construction (Moraine) – Sierra Nevada Corporation – Aviation Innovation and Technology Center (Vandalia, Ohio), New Construction Under $50 Million Category
  • Turner Smoot – A Joint Venture (Columbus) – Hilton Downtown Columbus Hotel Expansion (Columbus, Ohio), New Construction Over $100 Million Category

The award winners were announced during the Build Ohio Celebration on November 10, at the Hilton Columbus at Easton. Over 300 construction professionals and guests attended the gala. Build Ohio winners receive a custom-made bronze and green marble Build Ohio statue in recognition of their achievement.

Build Ohio nominees are judged by a panel of retired construction professionals based on the following criteria: excellence in project management, innovation in construction techniques and materials, excellence in client service, and meeting the challenge of a difficult job. In the Specialty category, the winners were selected based on: performance as it relates to schedule; client service excellence; meeting the challenge of a difficult job; craftsmanship; and innovations in construction techniques and materials.



Winner: MOSSER CONSTRUCTION, INC. (Fremont, Ohio)

Kelleys Island Glacial Grooves Erosion Protection (Erie County, Ohio)

Project Description:

Entrusted with conserving this 18,000-year-old National Natural Landmark, Mosser undertook significant measures to combat erosion and preserve the 400-foot-long geological formation for future appreciation.

The project saw the introduction of advanced stormwater management systems, the replacement of an outdated fence with a custom-designed railing, and the installation of a new pedestrian bridge. Additionally, site enhancements included custom paver patterns that echo the natural striations of the grooves and the revelation of a masonry seat-wall that further enriches the site's character.

Overcoming scheduling and logistical challenges, Mosser's strategic planning and precise execution turned the Glacial Grooves into a perfect blend of natural beauty and engineered artistry.


Winner: VALLEY INTERIOR SYSTEMS (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Cincinnati Playhouse in The Park (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Project Description:

The Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, established in 1959, became a cornerstone of Cincinnati's cultural scene. It recently underwent a significant expansion, revealing a new 54,000 square-foot building and enhancing 5,200 square feet of existing space.

This development introduced a 580-seat theater, an expanded lobby area, and modernized restrooms. The exterior showcased East Coast ACM panels and Parklex-Prodema Phenolic Resin Panels for a contemporary look and durability. The project's precision was ensured by Valley’s Prefab shop, which prefabricated the panels for efficient onsite installation. The integration of the new and old buildings was meticulously executed, maintaining structural integrity and aesthetic harmony. The interior was further enhanced by Hunter Douglas faux wood ceilings and Ketchum and Walton wall panels, improving both the visual and acoustic experience.



Winner: OCP CONTRACTORS (Cleveland, Ohio)

MetroHealth Glick Center (Cleveland, Ohio)

Project Description:

The Glick Center, a new 11-floor LEED-certified addition to MetroHealth's campus, is the United States' first EcoDistrict led by a healthcare system. OCP Contractors, chosen for this significant project, adeptly managed to meet stringent timelines, safety standards, and diversity goals amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, which presented severe manpower shortages and material delays. By strategically preplanning and preordering materials, alongside leveraging prefabrication for critical components like headwall units and soffits, OCP overcame these obstacles. Prefabrication also enabled the team to achieve a level of detail not possible with standard construction methods.

Addressing the challenges of installing terracotta cladding, OCP's carpenters delivered exceptionally flat and level surfaces, with the aid of professional surveyors to meet exacting tolerances. A dedicated on-site team was essential to navigate the project's complexities, efficiently handling purchase orders, continuous change orders, and diligently tracking the project's ambitious enterprising and diversity objectives.



Winner: THE KRILL CO., INC. (Cleveland)

 MAGNET: The Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network Headquarters (Cleveland)

Project Description:

The Krill Co., Inc. has skillfully bridged the gap between Cleveland's rich history and its innovative future with the transformation of a 1960s school building into a modern manufacturing center. In this role, Krill has balanced historical preservation with modern construction, integrating selective demolition and ground-up additions. The building, now outfitted with new mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and fire suppression systems, also features warm finishes that create a welcoming atmosphere. Its design includes transparent elements and clerestories, setting the stage for expansion and growth.

The first floor boasts a special wing dedicated to manufacturing education, ensuring that the city's legacy in production is passed on to younger generations. Complementing this educational focus is a state-of-the-art, $1 million STEM playground, outfitted with a zip line and interactive equipment for both students and the community. This commitment to the neighborhood's development is a testament to the enduring spirit of Cleveland's innovation and community investment.



Winner: RUDOLPH LIBBE INC. (Walbridge, Ohio)

First Solar PGT-03 Project (Lake Township, Ohio)

Project description:

Rudolph Libbe Group, completed a vast 2.4-million-square-foot manufacturing facility for First Solar within an ambitious 12-month timeframe amid COVID-19 challenges. Rudolph Libbe's skilled workforce logged nearly 750,000 man-hours, self-performing essential tasks from foundational concrete work to intricate building systems. GEM Inc., part of the Rudolph Libbe Group, provided expert coordination of plumbing, HVAC, and electrical services.

The new facility now proudly manufactures Series 6 thin-film photovoltaic modules, doubling the United States' production capacity and generating 450 new jobs. Rudolph Libbe Properties played a crucial role in leveraging their SiteLine™ service to secure incentives that supported necessary road and utility enhancements across the 250-acre property.

This project showcased innovative construction techniques such as offsite prefabrication and adaptive strategies to overcome supply chain disruptions, all while maintaining a steadfast focus on safety. The success of this endeavor has solidified First Solar's confidence in Rudolph Libbe, leading to the award of three additional significant manufacturing facility projects.



Winner: SHOOK CONSTRUCTION (Moraine, Ohio)

Sierra Nevada Corporation – Aviation Innovation and Technology Center (Vandalia, Ohio),

Project description:

Shook Construction completed a pioneering project at the Dayton International Airport, establishing a 100,000-square-foot facility that sets a new standard for aerospace innovation and technology. This state-of-the-art hub, featuring a vast 90,000-square-foot hangar and 7,600 square feet of office space, incorporates advanced infrastructure such as cranes, a large water tank for fire suppression, foam generators, and high-capacity fire pumps.

The engineering marvel stands 90 feet tall, boasting an expansive hangar space with an impressive clearance. The installation of ten massive trusses, each lift requiring the coordinated effort of four 100-ton cranes over a 12-14 hour period, exemplifies the project's complexity and Shook Construction's expertise.

Demonstrating remarkable efficiency, Shook Construction delivered the facility ready for occupancy in November 2022, completing the Construction Management at Risk project in only eleven months.



Winner: Turner Smoot – A Joint Venture (Columbus)

Hilton Downtown Columbus Hotel Expansion (Columbus, Ohio)

Project description:

Turner Smoot has expertly completed a landmark construction project, managing the development of a towering 29-story, post-tensioned concrete hotel in the heart of a densely packed urban setting, all within the constraints of a tight, less than one-acre site with zero lot line restrictions.

The newly constructed edifice expands across 460,000 square feet, offering 463 guest rooms, and features 54,000 square feet of versatile meeting space, sophisticated lobby and rooftop bars, a variety of dining options, and a welcoming guest registration area. A pedestrian sky bridge over High Street seamlessly links the building to the existing Hilton hotel.

The project is a beacon of sustainability, having achieved LEED Gold certification. It includes an intricate rainwater harvesting system to supply recycled water to the rooftop cooling towers and a green roof atop the grand ballroom that contributes to the stormwater management system.

Rising 361 feet, the new Hilton tower is a notable addition to the Columbus skyline, standing as the tallest structure erected downtown in over 30 years.